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Off the Cluff: Tony Harris

Rick sits down with the man trying to buck a half-century of history in Nanaimo

All eyes in B.C. politics are on Nanaimo, as the by-election there - The Mother of All Byelections - could well determine the immediate future of the NDP Government.

If the BC Liberals could upset the NDP in this race, the Legislature would be divided 43-43 between the government coalition and the opposition, with only the Speaker able to break tie votes. In all likelihood, B.C. would head to the polls.

That's easier said than done. Nanaimo hasn’t been friendly to the BC Liberals, electing free enterprise candidates only twice in 50+ years. Tony Harris hopes to buck that trend.

The business owner and dad is the BC Liberal candidate in Nanaimo, and he joined Rick Cluff via Skype from the Hub City.


Rick Cluff is an award-winning journalist who hosted the popular CBC Radio Vancouver morning program “The Early Edition” from 1997 until his retirement in April of 2018.

He has conducted more than 50,000 interviews and asked more than half a million questions, of prime ministers, premiers, presidents and some of the world’s biggest sports and entertainment personalities.