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A Second Look - Five years of the opioid crisis

BC's "other public health crisis" is officially five years old - but unofficially much longer. Justin P. Goodrich looks at how the crisis evolved, and some of the people it touched.

On this month’s edition of A Second Look host Justin P. Goodrich is joined by Jeff Hardy and Madeleine Hardin of LifeGuard Digital Health as they discuss the five-year anniversary of the province declaring the opioid crisis as a public health emergency.

Together, they take a second look at the evolution of the opioid crisis, the steps that have taken place thus far to combat it and ponder what additional steps could be taken in the future to one-day bring this crisis to an end.

Along the way, Jeff tells his own story of addictions and how he went from losing everything to being the CEO of a new app that has saved dozens of lives in its first year.

Justin P. Goodrich is the Managing Partner at Alliance Public Affairs GroupHe holds a Master of Laws and is a lecturer in public policy.