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A Second Look - with Sarah Kirby-Yung

When is a billboard not just a billboard? On trans rights, free speech, and a short-lived but very controversial sign.

On the second edition of A Second Look, Justin P. Goodrich welcomes Vancouver City Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung to discuss the short-lived but tumultuous "I Heart J.K. Rowling" billboard on Hastings Street in Vancouver. Up for a single day, it nevertheless dominated headlines - and discussion - long afterward.

His guest is Sarah Kirby-Yung, a first-time Vancouver City Councillor, former Vancouver Park Board Chair and Commissioner, and sometime Orca contributor.

Justin P. Goodrich is the Managing Partner at Alliance Public Affairs GroupHe holds a Master of Laws and is a lecturer in public policy.


  • The first episode of A Second Look is worth...well, a second look. Justin welcomed Emmy-nominated writer, director, and producer Judy Lewinson to discuss 2020's Black Lives Matter protests.
  • Justin describes his vision for what A Second Look is all about, why it matters, and what you can expect.
  • Sarah Kirby-Yung has appeared on Orca podcasts before. On UnSpun 89, she joined Jody Vance to talk women in politics, Strathcona Park, and all things Vancouver municipal politics.