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#BCPOLI Hotstove: All politics is local, Surrey edition

Whither the Massey Tunnel replacement? Whither Surrey's RCMP detachment? Whither free vaccines?

Maclean and Jordan discuss the BC Liberals' attempt to take back Surrey with their Massey Tunnel and police referendum promises. Plus they ponder John Horgan's "announcement" that the COVID vaccine will be free - was it not going to be?


  • Friday's #BCPOLI Hotstove was rather different - the election campaign had since provided SO MUCH MORE to talk about.
  • Speaking of Surrey, Jordan took a long look at the city's unique politics, and how the police referendum question seems to be breaking across party lines.
  • Maclean and Jordan also referenced this poll, which shows ***purely hypothetically*** if Dr. Bonnie Henry dipped her toes into the political arena, she'd bring votes with her.