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#BCPOLI Hotstove: COVID elections are...kinda boring

Where's the buzz? Email inboxes are overstuffed, and events are somehow scheduled for the same time every day, but this campaign doesn't have the same juice.

Maclean and Jordan venture beyond the bubble* and see surprisingly little attention and fervor generated by BC's election. It's almost like there's a life-and-death, world-changing issue overshadowing things...

*Yes, inside the bubble it's a swirling cauldron, but that's always the case.


  • Earlier this week, Maclean Kay and Jordan Bateman discussed the campaign's first (and still only) really big policy splash.
  • UnSpun had a new look this week, as two BC broadcasting icons talked modern media, close encounters with politicians, and pencils. Drex joins Jody Vance for the fastest 30 minutes on the Interwebs.
  • Ada Slivinski was not impressed by a now-infamous Vancouver bus ad - and genuinely hopes any kids that saw it know the world is better for having them here.