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#BCPOLI Hotstove: Game of Throness

Comments on contraception and (gulp) EUGENICS were a bridge too far, and suddenly the BC Liberals don't have a candidate in Chilliwack-Kent.

Maclean and Jordan dig into the ramifications of Andrew Wilkinson jettisoning now-former-candidate Laurie Throness, the nuclear war between the Greens and the NDP, the lack of COVID debate, and more about the 2020 election.


  • The last #BCPOLI Hotstove was an After Dark edition - that is, after the TV leaders' debate went dark.
  • One Hotstove prior, the topic du jour was the shift in tone from John Horgan and the NDP from Premier Dad to what Vaughn Palmer called Premier Us Vs. Them.
  • ...and the Hotstove before THAT delved into Surrey-specific issues, and how and whether they would affect the election as a whole.