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#BCPOLI Hotstove: The race is on...for some reason

In search of stability - or because someone amended a bill - or because the pull of the polls was like a supermassive black hole - we're really doing a pandemic election.

Maclean and Jordan, noted fall election skeptics, come to terms with John Horgan's pandemic election call.


  • On Friday, Maclean looked at the NDP's one major handicap in this now-race: everyone knows they're not being honest about the reason why.
  • Last Monday was also a big news day. Or seemed so, at the time.
  • Last week's Hotstove consulted the augurs, felt the wind blowing, rolled the runes, and thought: yes, there's ample temptation for an early election - but surely the adults in the room would win the day? Yeah, that didn't happen.