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#BCPOLI Hotstove: Underscore & Bateman talk BC comeback

Switcheroo Week begins with George Affleck joining Jordan Bateman on Hotstove.

It's Switcheroo Week 1 here at The Orca, as UnSpun's George "Underscore" Affleck joins Hotstove's Jordan Bateman to talk municipal politics, Vancouver math errors, Brad West's side hustle, and the state of BC's economic comeback.


  • Last week's Hotstove had much less Underscore. Despite that flaw, it was pretty good!
  • George Affleck will be back on UnSpun in two weeks, where he's usually found unspinning the news of the day with Jody Vance, like he did last week in UnSpun 71.
  • George and Jordan discuss Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West's other job - as did Maclean Kay.