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#BCPOLI Hotstove: Week 1, anyone having fun?

Week one of BC's 2020 election is dominated by the blame game.

Maclean and Jordan talk about the first week of the 2020 BC election campaign, dominated by John Horgan's ever-changing reasons for calling it.

(And yes, Maclean knows he's got to fix the lighting in his living room. So stop emailing him. He's aware. It's on the list. Somewhere in the middle.)


  • Just four days ago - though you're forgiven for thinking it's much longer - Maclean and Jordan sat down to discuss the launch of BC's Very Unscheduled 2020 Election.
  • Speaking of launches, by George! Jody Vance has a new UnSpun format. She's joined by Vancouver councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung to talk women in public life, the snap election, and all things Vancouver politics.
  • One thing we learned in the first wave of the pandemic? The food industry adapted very quickly on the fly. Sylvain Charlebois says if and when the second wave hits, we should keep calm and grocery shop on.