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Ellected 11 - with Melissa Caouette

Welcome to Ellected – the podcast about women in politics, by women in politics, and for anyone who supports women in politics.

In Ellected 11, host Sarah Elder-Chamanara and Conservative political strategist and consultant Melissa Caouette share their thoughts the morning after Canada's 44th federal election.

They run down why the NDP, Greens, Conservatives, and Liberals ended up where they did – almost exactly where things left off when the election was called.

From there, it’s back to Alberta, where Melissa and Sarah discuss implications for the governing UCP.

Melissa Caouette is a western Canadian conservative political consultant, strategist, and writer. Melissa was born and raised in Edmonton, but now splits her time between British Columbia and Alberta. Melissa first got involved in politics as an undergraduate political science student at the University of Alberta and has been involved in a number of municipal, provincial and federal political campaigns across western Canada and has worked at the Alberta Legislature in the Office of the Premier.

Melissa has extensive private sector experience, having worked as a policy specialist at a global law firm and as the western government relations lead for two prominent Canadian public affairs agencies serving as a senior advisor to small, medium, and large organizations in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

Sarah Elder-Chamanara is the founder, creative director and owner of Madame Premier, a feminist and political clothing company based in Calgary, Alberta. With the underlying principle of seeing more women and diversity in politics, elected and in backrooms, at every level, Madame Premier creates the opportunity for conversations about why politics needs to change. Madame Premier has been featured in the National Post, CBC, Forbes and Toronto Star. Sarah is currently planning on opening Madame Premier’s first retail location in summer 2021 in Calgary.