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The woman behind Madame Premier is launching a must-listen podcast about and for women in politics.
IG Ellected

It's a pleasure to welcome Sarah Elder-Chamanara to our Resident Pod, and her new show Ellected.

I don't want to steal Sarah's clicks, so please read her announcement and Q&A about Ellected, and how she got there - but this direct quote is important:

I am a progressive feminist without any current party memberships. I want to talk to women from across the political spectrum from all parties. Yes, all parties. It's a multi-partisan podcast so there will be different views from different people from different parties.

Sarah is the dynamo behind the Madame Premier line of clothing, is a former political staffer, and has become one of Canada's foremost voices and advocates for women in politics across the political spectrum.

Stay tuned for the debut episode in the coming days!

Ellected will be a great addition to an already-fantastic roster of shows:

  • UnSpun with Jody Vance and George Affleck is a weekly un-spinning and behind-the-scenes glimpse into the municipal, provincial, and federal headlines dominating the news.
  • #BCPOLI Hotstove with Jordan Bateman and (some other guy), a snappy and hopefully entertaining look at the week's top stories in BC and Canadian politics.
  • A Second Look with Justin P. Goodrich uses the full benefit of hindsight to revisit heated or controversial events of the recent past, reflect on how they were portrayed and received, and what's happened since.
  • In the Orca Business Beat, 30-year radio legend Bob Price only needs two minutes each weekday to get you up to speed on the day's top business stories that affect BC. This arrives in your inbox free each morning with The Fin.