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Ellected 9 - with Jasmine Mian

Welcome to Ellected – the podcast about women in politics, by women in politics, and for anyone who supports women in politics.

In Episode 9 of Ellected, host Sarah Elder-Chamanara welcomes Calgary City Council hopeful and former Olympian Jasmine Mian.

Sarah and Jasmine talk about women running for council and Jasmine's background in sports and psychology and how she's applying it to her campaign. Jasmine shares what she's learned about talking about herself, and her experiences doorknocking with her husband and people defaulting to the assumption that it's him running and not her.

"If you don't tell your story, other people will tell it for you."

Jasmine Mian has a Master’s degree in Psychology and Public Policy with a focus on municipal issues. Jasmine is a former Olympian representing Canada in women's wrestling in the 2016 Olympics, and is currently running for Calgary City Council in Ward 3.

Sarah Elder-Chamanara is the founder, creative director and owner of Madame Premier, a feminist and political clothing company based in Calgary, Alberta. With the underlying principle of seeing more women and diversity in politics, elected and in backrooms, at every level, Madame Premier creates the opportunity for conversations about why politics needs to change. Madame Premier has been featured in the National Post, CBC, Forbes and Toronto Star. Sarah is currently planning on opening Madame Premier’s first retail location in summer 2021 in Calgary.


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