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Ellected - with Mercedes Stephenson

Welcome to Ellected – the podcast about women in politics, by women in politics, and for anyone who supports women in politics.

In Ellected's second episode, host Sarah Elder-Chamanara speaks with Mercedes Stephenson, host of Global TV's political news show West Block.

Mercedes and Sarah discuss being an intern at the Pentagon in a post-9/11 world, the role of women in Canada's military, being embedded in Niger and reporting from Afghanistan, women in journalism and the need for increased diversity in the ranks of those asking the questions, how COVID-19 has made it harder to interact with politicians and sexual assault in Canada's military.

Mercedes Stephenson is a fixture of the Candidan media and political landscape: Ottawa bureau chief for Global News, and host of West Block, a political news show.

Mercedes has a BA in political science from the University of Calgary. She also has a Masters from the U of C from the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies.

Mercedes studied economics and media ethics at Georgetown University. She also worked as an intern at The Pentagon and was a visiting research student at the MIT Center for International Studies.

Sarah Elder-Chamanara is the founder, creative director and owner of Madame Premier, a feminist and political clothing company based in Calgary, Alberta. With the underlying principle of seeing more women and diversity in politics, elected and in backrooms, at every level, Madame Premier creates the opportunity for conversations about why politics needs to change. Madame Premier has been featured in the National Post, CBC, Forbes and Toronto Star. Sarah is currently planning on opening Madame Premier’s first retail location in summer 2021 in Calgary.

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