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Off the Cluff: Kris Sims on the Employers Health Tax

Eliminating the MSP was supposed to help make things more affordable...what happened?

Everyone was thrilled in the 2017 election when all three major BC parties - the BC Liberals, NDP and Greens - each announced they would kill the Medical Services Premium tax.

Then, well, stuff happened. In government, the NDP surprised everyone - even their own expert panel - when they replaced it with an Employers Health Tax.

Kris Sims, BC Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, sat down with Rick Cluff to explain just how hard businesses - and regular taxpayers - will be hit.

Rick Cluff is an award-winning journalist who hosted the popular CBC Radio Vancouver morning program “The Early Edition” from 1997 until his retirement in April of 2018.

He has conducted more than 50,000 interviews and asked more than half a million questions, of prime ministers, premiers, presidents and some of the world’s biggest sports and entertainment personalities.