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Off the Cluff: Mark Milke compares Rachel Notley & Ralph Klein

Alberta's election has B.C.'s full attention - because no matter who wins, it will have direct consequences here.

No matter which party you hope wins, odds are you're watching closely.

The Alberta election is in full swing, as NDP Premier Rachel Notley and United Conservative leader Jason Kenney duke it out in a no-holds-barred campaign battle. In 2015, Notley rode a centre-right vote split to the NDP’s first-ever victory in Alberta, but polls show she faces an uphill battle for re-election.

Mark Milke is a political scientist and policy analyst who has worked for the Fraser Institute and Canadian Taxpayers Federation. He is also the author of Ralph vs. Rachel: A tale of two Alberta premiers, which compares the records of Rachel Notley and former premier Ralph Klein.

Mark joined Rick Cluff via Skype.

Rick Cluff is an award-winning journalist who hosted the popular CBC Radio Vancouver morning program “The Early Edition” from 1997 until his retirement in April of 2018.

He has conducted more than 50,000 interviews and asked more than half a million questions, of prime ministers, premiers, presidents and some of the world’s biggest sports and entertainment personalities.