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Off the Cluff: Ryan Berlin

Where is Vancouver's housing market headed? Few pay closer attention - or have better insight - than Ryan Berlin

Forget the weather or the Canucks – real estate is what British Columbians love to talk about. How much, who’s buying, who’s building, who’s listing and – most recently – who can actually afford to buy here?

Sales are down this year, leading some to wonder if the Vancouver real estate bubble has burst. Despite a downturn in prices, there seems to be no more public confidence that housing is affordable.

Ryan Berlin is the Senior Economist at rennie, working in their market intelligence division, and helps shape the efforts of one of Canada’s largest real estate marketing companies. Ryan joined Rick Cluff in studio.

Rick Cluff is an award-winning journalist who hosted the popular CBC Radio Vancouver morning program “The Early Edition” from 1997 until his retirement in April of 2018.

He has conducted more than 50,000 interviews and asked more than half a million questions, of prime ministers, premiers, presidents and some of the world’s biggest sports and entertainment personalities.