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Off the Cluff: #VanPoli six months later (with George Affleck)

Vancouver's still-new City Council has had six months to find their feet - and a way to get things done. Have they?

It has been six months since a new mayor and city council were elected in Vancouver – more than long enough for them to find both their offices and the washrooms at City Hall, to start building (or alienating) potential alliances, and to begin to shape city policy. But how are they really doing? Is this new mixed council, with 4 different political parties, working?

George Affleck is the president and CEO of Curve Communications, and a former two-term Vancouver City Councillor. He also co-hosts the popular Orca podcast, UnSpun, with Jody Vance.

George joined Rick in studio.

Rick Cluff is an award-winning journalist who hosted the popular CBC Radio Vancouver morning program “The Early Edition” from 1997 until his retirement in April of 2018.

He has conducted more than 50,000 interviews and asked more than half a million questions, of prime ministers, premiers, presidents and some of the world’s biggest sports and entertainment personalities.