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Political Capital 19 - Child care, "fatalities are part of life," and more

Posting late is part of life. But as far as other "parts of life" go - not so bad, really.
Trudeau delivers funding to supercharge BC’s $10-a-day child care promise, the premier commits another gaffe on heatwave deaths but does it matter, and NDP Constituencies could be behind picket lines soon after a strike vote.
Rob Shaw is joined by Maclean Kay, Jillian Oliver, and Katy Merrifield to discuss all the latest in BC politics.

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  • Last week...well, the person who posts these was away last week. But! There was a show. And it was great! Watch it here. But then...y'know...come back.
  • The week before last - a-ha! Nothing got in the way of posting that. See?
  • More podcasts? Next up has gotta be the Mothership - UnSpun with Jody Vance and George Affleck. This week's show was a(nother) doozy.