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Political Capital 20 - BC ambulance reforms, new safe drug supply, and more

Ambulances, drugs, cruise ships - just another week in the choppy seas of BC politics.

BC tries to fix its beleaguered ambulance service but are the resources enough to tackle a political crisis? Health officials offer new prescription drug supply in a bid to reduce overdoses. Ottawa opens up our waters to cruise ships, but BC still faces the risk of losing the entire cruise sector due to US legislation. Rob Shaw is joined by panelists Jillian Oliver, Maclean Kay, and special guest Danielle Dalzell.

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  • Last week's Political Capital focused on "fatalities are part of life," and...yeah. That wasn't ideal.
  • On UnSpun, Jody and George focus on coyote attacks in Stanley Park; wildfires burning across BC; and, only in Vancouver! A city councillor gives out hard drugs, on a street corner, in front of the police department.
  • #BCPOLI Hotstove looked at the heatwave fallout, Green-on-Green politicking, and a Very Surrey Summer.