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Political Capital 21 - Wildfire emergency, a top NDP strategist retires, and more

On second thought, it IS an emergency.

BC is now in a state of emergency due to wildfires but what took so long? NDP strategist Bob Dewar retires after five years of reshaping BC politics. And the clown car crash of the federal Greens continues, with questions on whether the party can ever recover.

Host Rob Shaw is joined by Evan Pivnick, Katy Merrifield and Maclean Kay.

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  • Last week on Political Capital, discussion hit on ambulances, drugs, cruise ships - just another week in the choppy seas of BC politics.
  • Katy Merrifield mentions BC is the only province in Canada not to use the national cell phone emergency alert system - and you know what? She's right.
  • On UnSpun, Jody Vance and George Affleck talk borders re-opening (if, in fact, they are), a state of emergency, and Vancouver politics taking a short siesta - and much more.