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Political Capital 22 - Good news/bad news on COVID-19, BC posts a $5.5 billion deficit, and more

Outbreaks! Deficits! Hypocrisy! Oh my.

BC takes one step forward in its fight against COVID-19 with a new "vax to the max" campaign, but also has to crack down with new restrictions on an outbreak in the central Okanagan, are we falling backwards? Also, what to make of B.C.'s $5.5 billion deficit and the new public accounts report. Should the Governor-General refuse an early election request from PM Justin Trudeau, as suggested by the federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh? And if the US is offering $100 to people to get vaccinated, would that work in BC?

Host Rob Shaw is joined by the regular panel, Katy Merrifield, Maclean Kay and Jillian Oliver

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  • Last week's Political Capital was old enough to drink in the United States. Yep.
  • Political Capital is taking a two week break. UnSpun is taking a one week break.
  • Okay, what about Hotstove? Nope, one week break. Next week will be QUIET.