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Political Capital 30 - BC punts teacher vaccines to school districts, and week one of the fall session

Yes, yes, excellent political analysis. But also discussion of pie.

BC is under fire for its decision to require 60 different school districts to vote on whether to make vaccines mandatory for teachers and school staff, why is it doing this and what are the political risks ahead? We also take a dive into the first week of the fall session of the BC legislature, what happened, what didn't and is anyone paying attention?

Rob Shaw is joined by Maclean Kay, Jillian Oliver and Katy Merrifield.


  • Last week's show talked protests, logging, masks, and good times to take vacations in Tofino.
  • This week's UnSpun...well, you should watch. It was a great show.
  • You should also watch this week's #BCPOLI Hotstove, if only to compare Maclean's old webcam with his new webcam, first used in the Political Capital above, that you just finished watching. And enjoying.