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Political Capital 31 - BC's first mandatory vax, and the Gunn(s) of October

BC's first dip into MANDATORY mandatory shots. And speaking of shots, the BC Liberal leadership race grows by one.

BC has started its first mandatory vaccine rule in the seniors' care sector, how many people would rather lose their jobs than comply and what does this mean for future vaccine requirements in other public sector jobs? Also, we take a deep dive into conservative pundit Aaron Gunn launching his campaign for BC Liberal leader, what does it mean for the party and what will happen if he is approved or rejected to enter the race?

Host Rob Shaw is joined by Katy Merrifield and Maclean Kay this week.


  • Last week's show talked punting teacher vax decisions to school boards, and PIE.
  • Did you miss Jody Vance and George Affleck on UnSpun 143? Well, fix that.
  • Aaron Gunn's leadership launch was also much-discussed on this week's BCPOLI Hotstove.