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Political Capital 34 - Forestry, decriminalization, and more

From deferring logging to decriminalizing drug possession to de...grab bag of topic?

BC's new old growth deferral plan picks up criticism from all quarters and leaves First Nations with an unrealistic 30-day deadline, the province asks Ottawa to decriminalize possession of small amounts of illicit drugs, and a grab bag of topics this week that looks at controversy on changes to autism funding, the COP26 climate conference and new figures on the summer heat dome deaths.

Rob Shaw is joined by Maclean Kay, Katy Merrifield and former BC Green strategist Sarah Miller.


  • Have you missed the last few Political Capitals? Easy fix. Last week, topics included Premier Horgan's absence (hopefully brief), transparency, and New and Improved climate plans.
  • The week before, FOI fees, two vax passports, and "alternative" COVID briefings.
  • And the week before THAT, the panel talked Aaron Gunn, mandatory vaccine mandates, and more.