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Welcome to The Orca

B.C.’s newest site for politics, business, and history

Welcome to The Orca.

B.C. has long had a vibrant online media scene. A lot of sites and their writers and reporters have done great work, and I hope they keep doing it. But as you might expect, much of the discussion continues to be about issues and subjects where people disagree.

In my opinion, we spend far too much time focusing on our differences. What about the things we (mostly) agree on? 

Things like the fundamental importance of a good job.

The need to grow and invest in a vibrant economy that creates more and greater opportunity throughout the province.

All things being equal, lower taxes are better than higher taxes.

You may quibble or disagree with one or more of those, and that's fine. I look forward to the discussion. But even if you don't share them, these aren’t revolutionary opinions. Poke a little, and I think you’ll find these beliefs are shared by the vast majority of Canadians and British Columbians.

They may qualify them, phrase them a little differently, or have different roadmaps how to get there – but the end goal is the same. And that's what The Orca is going to talk about. 

By providing a platform for intelligent discussion, we’re going to make new and, I hope, valuable contributions to the ongoing conversation about BC politics, business, and history .

On this site, you can expect:

  • Insightful commentary from both new and established voices
  • Real reporting into consequential issues of the day
  • Interviews with interesting and relevant figures
  • Excellent, worthwhile reads, watches, and listens

You won’t see:

  • Anger for the sake of anger
  • Personal attacks
  • Sensationalism, gotcha journalism, and unfair or selective interpretation
  • Boredom

I could tell you that we’re all better off with more voices, different perspectives, and more compelling pieces to read, hear, and interact with. That’s true.

But more than anything else, it’s also much more interesting, and - this is the part that appeals most to me - it’s more fun.

Today, we’re leading with great stuff. 

First, a timely story - and the first analysis of a poll done exclusively for The Orca, examining the support for LNG across BC. Where it's strong, where it's not - and who that's a problem for.

We also have a preview The Middle, our exclusive column from former Breakfast Television and Sportsnet host Jody Vance. It's called The Middle for good reason: yes, normally you'll see it on Wednesdays, but it's also Jody's resolute position on the spectrum. Unflinching, un-compromised, and un-partisan.

Former BC Hydro chair (not to mention son and grandson of two of B.C.'s most accomplished premiers) Brad Bennett explains why project labour agreements are a bad deal for the entire province. Check back in later this afternoon for the first edition of Off the Cluff - in-studio interviews with former CBC Radio One host Rick Cluff. Oh, and if the portrait above looks familiar, it should. We're lucky to have Zoe Duhaime of @BCPoliPortraits fame creating caricatures of some of our regular contributors.

Every weekday, you can expect new, interesting, and compelling content. A good place to start is The Fin, our daily swim through the morning’s headlines. Sign up to receive it in your inbox - and start each day informed and (hopefully) amused. 

Oh, and the name? My friend Jordan Bateman came up with it. I think it’s perfect. Don’t you?

  Maclean Kay is the Editor-in-Chief of The Orca