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#BCPOLI Hotstove: TMX in court - chapter 19,657

TMX in court - again! Teachers in class - for now! NDP defections to the Greens - in New Brunswick!

Maclean and Jordan talk about ANOTHER TransMountain court appeal, the falling fortunes of the federal NDP, big gas reports, BCTF troubles, and swingin' Maple Ridge. Plus not one but TWO Keith Baldrey shoutouts.


  • Hotstove missed last week, but two weeks ago, Jordan and Maclean talked Elections Canada, Alan Mullen, and...potential rogue double agent Shane Woodford? (Also, compare Maclean's hair two weeks ago with now.)
  • Back in May, Jody Vance PLEADED with the BCTF and NDP to just get the deal done.
  • This isn't the first time BC politics watchers looked to Atlantic Canada for trends and insights. After their most recent provincial election, Maclean Kay peered into PEI.