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The Orca's BC Moments - Week One

Meet our first photo contest winner

Last week, we debuted The Orca's BC Moments. We invited readers to share their B.C. moments with us - a place, a person, a landscape, a monument - whatever spoke to them.

Congratulations to our inaugural winner, Lesley Bell.

Lesley writes:

Cranberry Fields Forever! Cranberry fields in Fort Langley in the morning mist.

As a non native BC’er, I love to watch as summer turns to fall here; misty morning fields being beaten till red floats to the top to match the turning trees! Peaceful. 

Lesley, we'll be in touch via email for your $25 Visa card.


Want to be like Lesley?

Do you have a B.C. moment? A place, a person, a landscape, a moment – you can define it however you want. The only important distinction is you also want to share with the readers of The Orca.

If you do, send it to [email protected], with a few details: where and when it was taken, and a sentence or two on why this photo sums up B.C. for you.

If we use your photo, we’ll send you a $25 Visa gift card.